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With extensive research, experiments and trials we have developed and produced music therapy recordings like binaural beats that are available to download through this site. All the recordings has been develop by the help of our staff who are professionals ranging from Medical Doctors, Neurology Experts, Dentist, Hypnotherapist, Community Development Experts etc

We have managed to change lives of the people all around the world, who firmly believed, changing habits, meditating & personal development requires lots of practice and bending over backwards to achieve sound mental health. All you need for this is a simple music system, and to put on your headphones and get lost into the captivating audio tour of relaxation.


How It Works? How It Works?
If you are new to brainwave entrainment, subliminal music brainwave therapy and binaural beats. This section of our website should help you understand better. Here’s how the technology works: A single tone is played into the left ear, while another single tone of a slightly different frequency...
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How can you benefit from Listening to a Binaural Beats?
When you listen to the Binaural Beats through stereo headphones, the sounds you hear are gradually and naturally changing your brain wave patterns, bringing them into a desired frequency. This creates a relaxed and receptive state where you can access the power of your brain to think, learn, and be...
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What is Secular Meditation What is Secular Meditation
Secular Meditation is considered as one of the techniques for Alternative medicine by an U.S government entity termed as National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Meditation might be used for different purposes like physical relaxation and calmness, to face illness, to enhance emotional balance and to improve overall health of an...
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Bahá'í Faith and Meditation Bahá'í Faith and Meditation
As per the instructions of Bahá'í­ Faith, Mediation is considered to be an important method for spiritual upliftment along with prayer and it usually indicates one reflection to God's words. While meditation and prayer are associated with what occurs usually in prayerful attitude, mediation is generally considered as moving towards God and mediation...
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New Age and Meditation practice New Age and Meditation practice
New Age meditations are generally considered by mysticism, Buddhism and Hinduism, Yoga, Eastern philosophy and might include certain portion of western influence. In Western region, meditation originated through social revolution during 1960s and 1970s, and most of present day youth were against the normal belief systems since the reaction against...
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Prayer beads and Meditation Prayer beads and Meditation
There is a tradition of using certain category of prayer beads as meditation tools in many of the religions. Most the Christian rosaries and prayer bead will include beads or pearls which are grouped together using a thread. The rosary of Roman Catholic Church is a collection of beads that has 5 sets with 10 small beads each. Every set of 10 beads...
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